About Us

Trent Petty


Founder and President of Petty & Associates, Inc., Trent has applied his 35 years of experience in public administration to craft an approach that utilizes a blend of research and practical experience. This approach challenges traditional development roles in order to create vertical impact, despite economic and financial challenges. His multi-disciplinary approach continues to benefit a wide variety of public and educational interests in the State of Texas.

Now over twenty years old, P&A has developed creative solutions to complex development problems and saw them to fruition all over Texas. From projects like the founding of Westlake Academy to the corporate relocation of Fortune 500 companies like Fidelity and Charles Schwab, P&A continues to find ways to turn ideas into reality.

Prior to founding Petty & Associates, Inc., Trent served as the City Manager of Grapevine, Texas and Westlake, Texas, as well as Assistant to the City Manager of Lubbock, Texas. Trent has an MPA from Texas Tech University.

Mary Petty

Vice President

Mary has 25 years of experience in commercial banking, management, public administration, and is the Executive Vice President of Petty & Associates, Inc. Her experience and skills combine to provide expert support in forensic analysis, revenue and expenditure projections, assessment and reimbursement alternatives, as well as project negotiations and reporting.

She has become a sought-after resource for municipal clients including Bond Underwriters, Financial Advisors, and Bond Counsel when evaluating project feasibility, financial viability and negotiating the financial impact of public private partnerships. Mary is a graduate of the University of North Texas with a BS in Finance.

Kyle Sikorski


Kyle is an Associate with Petty & Associates, Inc. He has extensive skill in performing forensic analysis and financial forecasting, as well as project management, construction management, and special taxing district creation and administration. Kyle is a graduate of May’s Business School at Texas A&M University, with a BBA in Management of Information Systems.

Kirk McDaniel

Management Analyst

Kirk is a Management Analyst for Petty & Associates, Inc. He has experience in budgeting, performance measurement, and data analysis; as well as skill in project management, financial forecasting, special taxing districts administration, and fiscal analysis. Kirk has a BS in Public Administration from Harding University and an MPA from the University of North Texas.

Cori Martin

HR Manager

Cori has worked for Petty & Associates, Inc. since July 2016 and oversees the Human Resources function of Petty & Associates, Inc. She additionally assists Mary Petty with contracts and other administrative duties as assigned. Cori has a broad experience in back office and administrative roles and has her BA from Texas Tech University.